Aquinas Church of England Education Trust


Aquinas Advisory Councils

The Trust established Aquinas Advisory Councils (AAC) from 31 August 2016. The AAC plays an active part in supporting the Headteacher/Head of School, liaising as appropriate with the Trust’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Trust Board more generally in relation to the Academy. The Protocol below details the remit of the AAC.

Members of the AAC of each Academy play an important part in supporting the work of the Trust and individual academies in raising standards of achievement and progress for all pupils. This involves providing a strategic view, acting as a critical friend and providing advice to the Headteacher in relation to his/her delegated functions, making recommendations for improvement and highlighting issues. Through this governance role, members have the opportunity to quality assure the work of the Academy and report concerns to the Headteacher, in the first instance, and thereafter to the CEO. Members also provide links with the wider community within a Christian framework.

AACs will consist of:-

  • Two parent members elected
  • One staff member elected
  • A minimum of four members appointed by the Trust for their relevant expertise and ability to advise

These are vital roles as they provide Headteachers with the necessary support and expertise, and at times simply a sounding board, enabling Headteachers and their leadership teams to continue to provide the very best for the children and young people in our care. Membership of each AAC are found on individual Academy websites.

If you are interested in becoming a Member please use the application below. Further details of the role are also found below.

AAC Protocol & Delegation April 2023

AAC Code of Conduct

AAC Application Form