Aquinas Church of England Education Trust

Central Support Services for Aquinas Academies

The Central Management Fee, payable by all academies, includes the provision of all of the following:


  • Dedicated Primary and Secondary leads to support schools
  • Termly monitoring reviews – both
  • Peer reviews – Primary/Secondary
  • Centralised support for SIP and SEF
  • Annual collaborative review of education with another trust
  • Trust network groups across all areas (i.e. EDI, Literacy, Mathematics)
  • Inclusion Lead & Teacher Development Lead
  • Opportunities for peer to peer school
    improvement work


  • Centralised finance
  • In house Payroll
  • Financial audit
  • Termly financial monitoring reviews
  • Budgeting and forecasting system and central support
  • Central capital improvement funding and support
  • Central procurement for trust-wide contracts
  • Centralised compliance management and asset register
  • Centralised H&S with annual on-site audits
  • Provision of designated Health & Safety expert
  • Central IT infrastructure
  • Support for risk management



  • HR advice and guidance
  • Dedicated helpline
  • Employee Assist
  • Trust-wide recruitment processes
  • Template letters, contracts, reports etc.
  • HR policies
  • Annual Edurio survey
  • Central recruitment


  • Full support for data protection
  • Admissions support
  • Trust policies, plus templates for individual policies
  • Safeguarding support
  • Governance support
  • Non-financial independent audit



  • Full suite of courses
  • Leadership development
  • Support for external courses
  • Trust-wide professional development days
  • ECT support
  • NPQs
  • Apprenticeship levy to support role development and further study
  • Cross Trust working opportunities
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Trust Conference


  • PR and Marketing advice and support
  • Website audit and design advice
  • Trust photography
  • Social media advice and support