Aquinas Church of England Education Trust

Our Values

As a Church of England trust, we place our Christian values at the heart of all that we do.


  • Welcoming children, young people and adults from all backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs.
  • Promoting equality, celebrating diversity, and addressing disadvantage.


  • Working closely with our communities so all our children and young people flourish.
  • Discovering, developing, and nurturing the abilities and talents needed to live life well.


  • Investing in people, pedagogy, and leadership as the foundation of effective learning.
  • Learning from, and growing through, the rich variety of experiences, cultures, and identities.


  • Making our organisation sustainable, healthy, and safe.
  • Delivering excellence in all our settings, educating with love, hope and aspiration.

Living out our Christian values

Our values are founded in a Christian tradition which celebrates humanity’s unique role in the world and sets robust expectations for living life well. They set a foundation for our work, directly contributing to the aims of education, as we aim to transform life chances.

As Jesus commanded us to love God and one another, so we offer hospitality, care, and respect, accepting and celebrating the diversity of God’s creation, with everyone knowing they are valued. This is exemplified through our service to others, especially those in need, knowing the worth of belonging to our immediate and wider communities. Following the profound example of Christ, the trust aims to carry out its work with wisdom, considering all appropriate factors and putting our children and young people first. God gave humanity stewardship over creation; a duty to care for our world and everything it contains, including ourselves. This value highlights the duty of the trust to contribute to aspirational and hopeful futures for the children and young people we serve.

Promoting fundamental British values

Our academies promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We do this as part of a broad and balanced curriculum, through which we uphold the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, and physical development of all children and young people in our care.